With the support of IDH in Spain NCIG organised a 5 day workshop on Adult Participatory learning approach for 12 adult literacy instructors to equip them to carry out literacy sessions at 5 literacy centres in Lebialem Division. The pilot centre went operational in Mbeoh village with 25 learners. Success registered at this centre from learning alphabetisation resulted to two new centre new centres going operational in Besali and Bechati village communities. Besali and Bechati registered a total number of 18 and 21 participants respectively at the start. With monthly supervision from NCIG learners at the centres and other community members had the opportunity of acquiring new skills for income generation such as local powder and tablet soap, rubbing oil production, mushroom farming among others. After 5 months of sessions on alphabetization 5 out of 7 women who could not recognize nor write their names were now able to.




NCIG facilitated the formulation of a piggery project and submitted for funding to UNDP Douala which was approved for monitoring by NCIG. The contract to follow up the Tiko Unique Sisters Association (USA is an Association of Women Living with HIV/AIDS). Implementation of this project commenced and executed within the given period of time. The National Handicapped Persons Association (NAHPA) also benefited from the UNDP support and so provided NCIG with a second contract this year.


NCIG was awarded a contract by the HEIFER Kumba Field Office to train 8 of its supported groups in Fako and Meme Divisions on Group Dynamics and conflict Management. The contract also expected that NCIG will diagnose and suggest solutions to conflicts in these groups such that groups would be able to pass on the gift to other beneficiaries and spread the effects in their communities. The achievement from the partnership gained another contract for NCIG to more of such groups in the South West Region.


NCIG won a tender put forth by the Ministry of Agriculture on the cocoa and coffee sector in the South West Region. NCIG trained farmers, nursery attendants and frontline staff in preparation for the cocoa and coffee project in the country. NCIG gained another contract with MINADER to train farmers in Meme on palm nursery establishment and distribution of chitted nuts to some 1250 farmers in the region.


With the word bank supported community driven project for Cameroon, NCIG has been engaged in the elaboration of village and urban space diagnosis as well as council institutional diagnosis of the Menji council with a view of drawing up a participatory council development plan which could serve as a reference document for many years to come. This process was completed with the validation and submission of copies of the Menji Communal Development Plan Document to Menji Council and PNDP.


Our Peace Corp volunteer in the company of some participants at the conference in Bamenda

Our Peace Corp volunteer in the company of some participants at the conference in Bamenda

With the support of MRDF, NCIG initiated a network among MRDF partners in Cameroon. These partners include Youth Development Centre (YDC), NCIG in the South Region and CDVTA and PC Fonta in the North West Region. the first partners meeting was organised by NCIG at the Executive Hotel in Buea in which each partner organization was represented by its leader and at least three staff. The entire workshop hosted 16 participants for 4 days. An expected outcome of the workshop was that a support network with membership was set up and a plan of action also put in place. According to agreement reached in the plan of action, an exchange visit combined with a training on financial

accounting took place in Bamenda hosted by CDVTA in November. Partners at this workshop had the opportunity of witnessing the CDVTA organised old people’s conference with all its beneficiaries

Project to Reinforce Community Based Approach to AIDS Control in Lebialem (NCAREP II)

A workshop was organised for Traditional rulers at the Azi Palace on HIV prevention and fight against stigma and discrimination. On the occasion of the celebration of the National Youth Day NCIG distributed copies of AMONG YOUTHS to students in Menji. Common initiative groups were created and registered community volunteers in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Fontem, Alou and Wabane sub divisions respectively. A total amount of 2.850.000fcfa was distributed to these groups to raise income through the implementation of income generation activities for the benefit of vulnerable children in the communities.

In order to meet up with its objectives of NADEV, which is to create awareness on issues of health in communities, the organization carried out activities in the area of HIV/AIDs . Youths in Maumu were targeted for this activity because NADEV had projects running with about six groups of vegetable farmers in the area. The Maumu youths were educated by posters, lectures, participatory group discussions, demonstration of the use of condom, distribution of condoms and flyers, and the use of the pidgin langue which made the course easily understood.. at the end of this HIV/AIDS sensitization campaign, participants were able to understand the abbreviation HIV/AIDS, identify the various sources through which HIV/AIDS could be contracted, learned ways of preventing HIV/AIDS, Learned how the virus could be contracted, learned how to live with the virus, learned how to care for HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons, and on how to use and dispose of the male and female condoms properly.