Official Launching of NC4D, Kumba Branch


DO officially cutting ribbon

In a bid to increase the scope of its services and strengthen its networks, Nkong Credit for Development(NC4D) officially launched its Branch office in Kumba. The occasion which took place in front of the newly constructed NC4D office in Fiango, Kumba was presided over by the Deputy Mayor of Kumba city council Mr. Chia, the Divisional Officer of Kumba 2 and the head of the National Security Kumba 2.  Mr. Anu Vincent, Board president of NC4D welcomed guests and gave a brief history of how the micro finance idea was conceived and today, made a reality. He further introduced board members and the overall manager of NC4D Mr. Tateh fualefac who there on talked about the services the micro finance offers and went ahead to introduce the staff of the newly opened Kumba branch.

The Deputy Mayor of Kumba in his address acknowledged the coming of NC4D to Kumba and said he is optimistic in working in close collaboration with NC4D and wished them success in their endeavor. The DO of Kumba two in his speech called NC4D his son and highlighted the fact that they should work hand in gloves in a father and son relationship. The DO went on to officially declare NC4D in Kumba operational by cutting the ribbon, and creating the first account in NC4D, Kumba.  Most of the guest present expressed joy on the coming of NC4D to Kumba and followed the Deputy Mayor and the DO to crown this occasion by creating accounts. Ms. Boren Agendia manager of NC4D, Kumba and other NC4D staff gave those present  vivid, explicit and detailed report on how to create an account, the various categories of accounts NC4D offers, how much an individual needs to obtain a share, and how women could benefit from the Nkong Women Cash-Up (NWOCA) loan scheme. They also took questions from those present and made sure they cleared the doubts of all who had questions. The occasion ended with entertainment in the form of light refreshments and music from NC4D.



Widows in front of their pig pen at Yoke admiring her pigs

Widows in front of their pig pen at Yoke admiring her pigs

The widows’ project is an initiative of NCIG to support widows within the target communities who, after the death of their husbands, are in great need of moral support and financial means to ensure the upbringing of their children. The idea of small scale livestock project was identified by participants as an income generating activity and a back yard activity that can easily be carried out by the women and their children once they are back from school. During this project, we received support from Drombaya of Switzerland and The World Day of Prayer Austria. The world day of Prayer aided NCIG to follow up the construction of livestock farms for needy widows in lebialem. 15 widows received a total of 45 piglets as fatteners and breeders in Essoh-Attah and Alou respectively. Drombaya of Switzaland supported women with a loan scheme with interest in sustaining widows’ activities and in the training of 5 widows in Yoke in pig raring. They also contributed in the construction of pens, feed provision and medical care for the animals for at least 5months. This project led to an account being created at NC4D where 50% of the sales were to be saved for sustainability of the project.