Beneficiary receiving loan

Beneficiary receiving loan

NWEP (Nkong Women Entrepreneurship Project) hosted a two day session on February 5th and 6th, 2013, designed to Sensitize Women on Entrepreneurship in Kumba. The event took place in Kumba at the Women’s Empowerment Center.

A total of thirty -seven women interested in entrepreneurship attended the two day workshop.   The women were divided into small groups of five members. These groups should ensure better financial management and successful development of their businesses. The women participated in educational sessions that outlined monitoring/evaluation of small businesses, recording keeping, marketing methods, the benefits of saving, customer service training along with entertaining icebreakers and lunch. The two day workshop intended to educate and provide a loan of 50,000cfa to current female entrepreneurs. The main objectives of the event were to enrich the current skill set of current entrepreneurs and extend membership into NADEV. The membership process allowed the women to open bank accounts and engage in communication with skilled bank personnel.  This activity will ensure that women have knowledge of accurate record keeping and access to small capital to develop their businesses. The session was designed to solve the issue of reduced access to bank loans and lack of knowledge on accurate record keeping/management for a successful business. Many of the women who attended the session were in need of small loans to ensure the future growth of their businesses. The workshop was carried out through lectures and group activities. The individuals participated in mini ice breakers that allowed them to introduce themselves to the group; followed by lecture style sessions that explained the importance of saving and record keeping within a small business.  After each section, the women were encouraged to complete group activities to re-enforce the training.




NCIG facilitated the formulation of a piggery project and submitted for funding to UNDP Douala which was approved for monitoring by NCIG. The contract to follow up the Tiko Unique Sisters Association (USA is an Association of Women Living with HIV/AIDS). Implementation of this project commenced and executed within the given period of time. The National Handicapped Persons Association (NAHPA) also benefited from the UNDP support and so provided NCIG with a second contract this year.


NCIG was awarded a contract by the HEIFER Kumba Field Office to train 8 of its supported groups in Fako and Meme Divisions on Group Dynamics and conflict Management. The contract also expected that NCIG will diagnose and suggest solutions to conflicts in these groups such that groups would be able to pass on the gift to other beneficiaries and spread the effects in their communities. The achievement from the partnership gained another contract for NCIG to more of such groups in the South West Region.


NCIG won a tender put forth by the Ministry of Agriculture on the cocoa and coffee sector in the South West Region. NCIG trained farmers, nursery attendants and frontline staff in preparation for the cocoa and coffee project in the country. NCIG gained another contract with MINADER to train farmers in Meme on palm nursery establishment and distribution of chitted nuts to some 1250 farmers in the region.


With the word bank supported community driven project for Cameroon, NCIG has been engaged in the elaboration of village and urban space diagnosis as well as council institutional diagnosis of the Menji council with a view of drawing up a participatory council development plan which could serve as a reference document for many years to come. This process was completed with the validation and submission of copies of the Menji Communal Development Plan Document to Menji Council and PNDP.