With the support of IDH in Spain NCIG organised a 5 day workshop on Adult Participatory learning approach for 12 adult literacy instructors to equip them to carry out literacy sessions at 5 literacy centres in Lebialem Division. The pilot centre went operational in Mbeoh village with 25 learners. Success registered at this centre from learning alphabetisation resulted to two new centre new centres going operational in Besali and Bechati village communities. Besali and Bechati registered a total number of 18 and 21 participants respectively at the start. With monthly supervision from NCIG learners at the centres and other community members had the opportunity of acquiring new skills for income generation such as local powder and tablet soap, rubbing oil production, mushroom farming among others. After 5 months of sessions on alphabetization 5 out of 7 women who could not recognize nor write their names were now able to.