Beneficiary receiving loan

Beneficiary receiving loan

NWEP (Nkong Women Entrepreneurship Project) hosted a two day session on February 5th and 6th, 2013, designed to Sensitize Women on Entrepreneurship in Kumba. The event took place in Kumba at the Women’s Empowerment Center.

A total of thirty -seven women interested in entrepreneurship attended the two day workshop.   The women were divided into small groups of five members. These groups should ensure better financial management and successful development of their businesses. The women participated in educational sessions that outlined monitoring/evaluation of small businesses, recording keeping, marketing methods, the benefits of saving, customer service training along with entertaining icebreakers and lunch. The two day workshop intended to educate and provide a loan of 50,000cfa to current female entrepreneurs. The main objectives of the event were to enrich the current skill set of current entrepreneurs and extend membership into NADEV. The membership process allowed the women to open bank accounts and engage in communication with skilled bank personnel.  This activity will ensure that women have knowledge of accurate record keeping and access to small capital to develop their businesses. The session was designed to solve the issue of reduced access to bank loans and lack of knowledge on accurate record keeping/management for a successful business. Many of the women who attended the session were in need of small loans to ensure the future growth of their businesses. The workshop was carried out through lectures and group activities. The individuals participated in mini ice breakers that allowed them to introduce themselves to the group; followed by lecture style sessions that explained the importance of saving and record keeping within a small business.  After each section, the women were encouraged to complete group activities to re-enforce the training.


Nkong Women Entrepreneurship Project (NWEP)

Loan disbursement to beneficiary

Loan disbursement to beneficiary

The Nkong Women’s Cash Up micro credit scheme which started in 1996 along side other activities to enhance women entrepreneurship in the region. In the third phase of the project, we received the support of MRDF that increased the loan capital for NWOCA and the implementation support activities such as business coaching for women, sensitization of women/widows on widows’ inheritance and political rights. NCIG carried out a series of community mobilization, sensitization and selection of would be beneficiaries for the NWOCA loan scheme in Muyuka Sub Division. Some 525 beneficiaries were trained on income generating activities and business record keeping before being given loans. The loan portfolio for this year stood at about 41.259.000fcfa. An accumulated number of beneficiaries receiving loans at every disbursement from the NWOCA since 2006 till date is estimated to a total of 1.339 women in Fako and Lebialem Divisions respectively.

Life in many more families have improved as the loan recovery rates for most of the communities continue to range between 94 and 99% with Muyuka town showing a great potential for growth with respect to its repayment rate and high demand for increase capital per beneficiary and number of beneficiaries. More women testify to increased ability in contributing for family budgets and supporting in payment of school fees for children.



Group picture after NWOCA Loan Scheme workshop

As one of its mission to improve livelihood of the rural and urban underprivileged and marginalized, especially women and youth, Nkong Hill top organized a sensitization workshop on the Nkong Women Entrepreneur Project at MEME in a bid to provide loans through its Micro finance arm NC4D to women with business initiatives in order for them to sustain their businesses. This brief workshop took place in Kumba, on the 31st of January 2013 at the Women Empowerment centre. The workshop was attended by a good number of women who identified themselves in their various meeting groups such as; organized widows, central women, Bali women, Batchuntai women, SECUDA women amongst others. A total of fourteen social groups were represented.

The women expressing their joy, received the NADEV delegation with songs of welcome. During the workshop, the women were educated on the loan scheme. They were informed that, in order to receive the loan, you should first of all be a business woman, belong to a group of five persons, she must be a member of a known cultural group, she must live in the community, she must participate in training and meetings before and during project period, aged between 20-50, pay group loan form and pay an upfront five thousand francs pre-beneficiary fee. The women were also cautioned on the fact that before these loans are issued; their various businesses will be checked in order to be sure that their business will be capable of refunding the loan within the given period. In order to effectively educate the women, NADEV promised to organize a two-day workshop during which the women will receive detailed training on how the loan scheme operates. There was also provision for women to clear their doubts by asking questions.

More to the loan initiative, the workshop was also aimed at informing the women that NADEV also makes provision for group marriages at a very affordable rate. The women were told with ten thousand francs, have your civil wedding and receive a gift, light refreshment and a general cake. In order to be eligible, interested couples are to present; copies of their birth certificate, four passport size photographs (two for each), and four witnesses.

At the end of the workshop, the women were divided into groups of eight and each group had a question to answer after which they all presented their answers. After the workshop, an evaluation routine was conducted and the participants gave their remarks and recommendations for future meetings. The workshop closed with the sharing of launch packs to participants