About Us

556480_467171656646050_786178882_nOur Vision

We strive for a world in which human dignity is protected from the ravages of poverty, ignorance, discrimination and violence.

Our Values 

We are dedicated to community, service, accountability, equity for all, peace, transparency and acting ethically. We vow to conduct our organization under the guides of these values.

Our Mission

We are a Cameroon community-base organization (CBO) dedicated to improving livelihood of the rural and urban underprivileged and marginalized, especially women and youth. We provide access to micro-financing, capacity building, agricultural resources through a participatory and partnership approach, with local, national and international organizations involved in community development projects.

Overall Goal

NADEV aims to improve the socio-economic status of the rural and urban underprivileged and marginalized population, especially woman and youths.


Our activities are targeted to achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote Gender Equality in all programs and activities.
  • Increase access to business capital for women & youths and  improve their business management skills.
  • Educate and empower civil society organizations, NGOs, associations, groups, etc. to defend and advocate for their economic rights.
  • Increase access to modern farming techniques and appropriate farm equipment for farmers in the Southwest region of Cameroon, to improve farm inputs and resources.
  • Help farmers improve livelihoods by increasing their business marketing knowledge and skills.
  • Promote community use of renewable energy and participation in environmental protection.

At our website ( http://www.nkonghilltop.org ) you can find information about our organisation, regarding our activities within Cameroon, the consulting services we provide to partners as well as opportunities for future projects, employment and volunteering with NADEV. Additionally, we present information about our partners, important links relevant to our objectives, and contact information.

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