Nkong Women Entrepreneurship Project (NWEP)

Loan disbursement to beneficiary

Loan disbursement to beneficiary

The Nkong Women’s Cash Up micro credit scheme which started in 1996 along side other activities to enhance women entrepreneurship in the region. In the third phase of the project, we received the support of MRDF that increased the loan capital for NWOCA and the implementation support activities such as business coaching for women, sensitization of women/widows on widows’ inheritance and political rights. NCIG carried out a series of community mobilization, sensitization and selection of would be beneficiaries for the NWOCA loan scheme in Muyuka Sub Division. Some 525 beneficiaries were trained on income generating activities and business record keeping before being given loans. The loan portfolio for this year stood at about 41.259.000fcfa. An accumulated number of beneficiaries receiving loans at every disbursement from the NWOCA since 2006 till date is estimated to a total of 1.339 women in Fako and Lebialem Divisions respectively.

Life in many more families have improved as the loan recovery rates for most of the communities continue to range between 94 and 99% with Muyuka town showing a great potential for growth with respect to its repayment rate and high demand for increase capital per beneficiary and number of beneficiaries. More women testify to increased ability in contributing for family budgets and supporting in payment of school fees for children.

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